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Are you stuck in a dead in job? Are you tired of reading the help wanted ads and finding your dream job, but then finding out you are not qualified because you do not have a college degree? Are you loosing job opportunities to other applicants that are under qualified, but hold a college degree?

A life experience degree will help you get that next job. We have a list of colleges and universities that can help you achieve your dream of having a college degree.

Life experience degrees are for individuals that have the years of experience, but did not have the time or money to go to college.

Pick a school from our list and apply for the degree of your expertise. The school will review your qualifications and determine if you meet the minimum requirements for the degree you are perusing. Good Luck!

List of Schools Offering Life Experience Degrees    
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Almeda University - Offering life experience degrees and traditional online university programs.
Belford University - Converts life experience into college degrees.

Breyer State University - Breyer State University a Virtual University. "Innovative Curriculums and Programs for a New Millennium".

Bronte International University - gives qualifying adults the opportunity to convert what is learned in life into college degrees.
Concordia College and University - Life experience online degrees with government recognized accreditation.
Westwood College - offers a variety of associate and bachelor degree programs, as well as diploma and certificate programs in high-demand career fields.
Redding University - Redding University developed our Prior Learning Program to reward those individuals who have the knowledge.
Affordable Degrees - Affordable Degrees allows you to earn a Degree on the basis of your previous work or Life Experience
Speedy Degrees - Receive your professional life experience degree in just 7 days of your order!
Suffield University - Get a college degree based on what you already know. You can convert your knowledge into a Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, or even a Doctorate.
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